Order Form For Hand Paddles

                                   (U.S. orders only)


      _____Small Hand Paddles $24.99 + $5.00shipping = $29.99


      _____Large Hand Paddles $24.99 + $5.00shipping = $29.99




Please send Check, Money Order, or Cash with a copy of this order form to:


Tim Martin (Riveraholic)

1040 Love Springs Rd.

Cowpens, SC. 29330


* Send my Hand Paddles to:   ___________________________







                                                            (City,          state,         zip code)



                                                       (Email Address) not required


ps. If you have any trouble printing this order form, just send me a note with how many pairs you want and what size. I'll get them in the mail right away. Be safe, I'll see you on the river, Tim Martin (Riveraholic)




*Paddling whitewater has risks, know and assume these risks before getting on the river. Do not paddle above your skill level. Learn how to get your paddles off and do a controled wet exit before getting on the river. Hand paddles do not lessen the dangers of whitewater, paddle safe and be aware of river hazards.