Hand Made Hand Paddles



Handmade Hand Paddles For Kayaking

Made By: Riveraholic


  These are the paddles I make myself and have tested for several years on class III-IV rivers in the Southeast. I make three sizes, large, small, and Pro-paddles and sell them online for wholesale prices.


The Large are best for:  River Running, Creeking, Stronger  Paddlers, Larger Paddlers, & New Paddlers.



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The Small are best for:  Playboating, Squirt Boating, Very Aggressive Paddlers, Small Paddlers, Advanced Handpaddlers.



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Pro-Paddles are best for: Paddlers who want paddles that are not strapped to your hands.  Paddlers who need to remove paddles to put on nose clips. Pro-paddles allow you to assist in rescues easier because you can grab a floating paddle or a boats grab loop.

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     My paddles are different from any other hand paddles made. They have a curve that gives them lift on the thumb side of the paddle creating the proper sculling angle. This helps the paddle grab more water, and helps the paddle scull toward the surface when rolling and bracing.

  My strapping can be loosened or tightened with the paddles on your hands for a perfect fit. Getting them off is easy too, and can be done by pushing against the strap adjuster, or in a emergency just hook them under your arm or on the cockpit rim and pull your hand out.  Our newly added Pro-Paddles can be removed by simply letting go of the paddle.

  I always do high quality work on my paddles so you can be sure they are worth way more than my wholesale price, they retail for $45-$60. Making hand paddles is a hobby for me and I enjoy sharing the fun of hand paddling with others. 

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Be Safe, I'll see you on the river,

Tim Martin (Riveraholic)



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